"When I first heard of Economic Laundry Solutions I was excited and very afraid of change. I own a laundry that values the fact that we have an exceptional product. Any change that threatens that is not worth any amount of savings. I told Economic Laundry Solutions that I am not willing to change for a savings of just 10 to 20% it had to be substantial! And it is more than substantial. When I first ran the numbers I felt like I was taken advantage of for years. I soon had my emotions turn to complete happiness. I am saving thousands of dollars every month. Best of all the quality of my finished product only improved. My linen lasts longer, I am able to shorten the run time in my two tunnel washers, and my reject ratios are manageable. I love being in control of my facility Best move I have ever made!."

Bryant Lee
Owner, Ace Linen
Chester, Pennsylvania


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