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With ELS you will:

* Reduce your costs by 50 to 75%
* Reduce your rewash (rewash is hard on the linens that have already been dried and have now set in the stains and soils)
* Reduce your wash time (less run time allows you to close your laundry earlier)
* Lower your wash temperatures (lower your fuel cost)
* Reduce the amount of bleach that is used on whites. (increase the integrity of linen extending the number of turns you are getting before "rag-out")

After many years in the laundry industry, we have pioneered a method to give YOU control of your Wash Floor Chemical costs and ultimately your Laundry Operation(s).
We will show you how to purchase your supplies from the same place as your chemical company and at the same price that they are paying for them! You will be able to purchase chemicals the same way that you are receiving them now, or save even more by getting them in a concentrated form and adding your own water instead of purchasing their water and diluted products.
What you are presently paying for your wash floor chemicals is in the agreement that you made with your chemical provider. It was a balance from what you were prepared to pay for your chemistry, with what you were prepared to accept as rewash.

Did you know that the 1 or 2 cents that it costs you for every pound of linen you launder, controls the remaining 98 or 99 cents of your operating dollar! If you change to our program and your wash floor chemicals, you can now afford to reduce your rewash, and speed the wash time by adding a little more detergent.