About Us

Economic Laundry Solutions uses the formulations and technology made possible by Alpha Chemical's years of research and development. Alpha Chemical was founded in 1926 by Henry D. Burroughs in Baltimore, Maryland servicing government contracts and General Electric. In 1988, the founder’s grandson, Michael Schulte, began research and eventually established Alpha Chemical as a supplier of chemicals for laundries in health care, hospitality and government sectors. Based out of Minneapolis, Alpha Chemical’s diverse range of customers included the State of Minnesota, Cooper Hospital, Omni Hotel, Ramsey Hospital and ACE Linen Services.

Alpha Chemical franchises were launched nationally in 1999. Michael Schulte had been involved in the laundry industry for over thirty years when he identified a model to help large regional laundries reduce their annual chemical expenditures generally by 25 to 55%. Through this process, Economic Laundry Solutions developed as a consulting service.

We introduce innovative methods that enable laundries to reduce costs while affording the implementation of environmentally friendly technologies and processes.